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FREE American Pioneer Notebooking Unit for Middle School

Exploring the American Pioneers Through Notebooking & Learning Activities @Education Possible FREE subscriber download

Are you studying the early 1800s and American Pioneers in history this year? Is it on your schedule for next year?

If this is what your kids are learning, then this FREE notebooking unit from our friends at Education Possible is something you’ll definitely want to grab.

Don’t know much about notebooking? It’s a wonderful way to keep track of everything your kids are learning. This beautiful 20 page printable is a great way to start adding notebooking to your lesson plans. It includes hands-on learning activities, discussion questions, drawing prompts, geography (mapping the trails), and more. It’s a perfect tool for your teens to work independently.

You can fill in these pages as you go through your history studies or use it to direct your learning.

So download your FREE American Pioneer Notebooking Unit today to help your middle schoolers learn about America in the early 1800s.

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