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Giving Backpacks Challenge

Giving Backpack Challenge

Giving Backpacks Challenge

Giving Backpack Challenge

Back to school shopping for some families is not the exciting event that others talk about and share images of with their children. It is yet one more stressful thing that they need to find a way to get handled when there are no extra funds. This is why we participate in the Giving BackPacks Challenge campaign each year. 

Even though we homeschool, we still do our back to school shopping when the local box store hauls it all out on display (way to soon in the summer if you ask me), and hope to save money by buying during the sale period.

This year we are partnering with ALDI for one of our back packs in the Giving BackPacks Challenge. ALDI provided us with a gift card to their local store and we shopped for items to stuff a back pack for a child in need. We added other items to finish checking off the list from the school we were planning on visiting.

Giving Backpack Challenge

Our back pack was donated to a third grader at a local school. I contacted the school resource office and asked if we could drop off the back pack and would they be able to gift it to a child. They were thrilled to have us stop by and drop off the back pack. We found out that this school has a large number of students on some type of aid and school supplies are not something that is covered in their aid packages. Any school supplies brought to the school are given to the teacher’s of the children and handed out as needed.

It is nice to see a company that is interested in supporting those in need right in their neighborhood. I really enjoy shopping at ALDI’s because of their fresh produce and no frills approach to shopping. I can always get in and out without having to spend a ton of time. Yes, some of their selections are limited but for fresh produce, milk, bread, and can’t beat their pricing.

Giving Backpack Challenge

Thank you ALDI’s for partnering with us in the 2016 Giving BackPacks Challenge. It makes a difference to me and where I shop to know that you are willing to give to those in the local communities that are in need. To find a store near you, visit ALDI online.


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Sherryl is a mother of seven children, a passionate homeschool advocate and a follower of Christ. Having owned her own Accounting and Real Estate firms for over 20 years, she loves helping others walking the path she has traveled. Her passion is sharing her faith and helping women grow in their faith. Sherryl blogs at Simply Sherryl where she encourages others that are "Seeking the Simple in the Chaos" of motherhood to stay true to the Word and to rest in the hands of God.

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