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Cranberry Christmas Activities


A few years ago our family discovered the book, Cranberry Thanksgiving, by Harry and Wende Devlin. We loved it and it has become a tradition each year now, to read the book and prepare several batches of Grandmother’s Famous Cranberry Bread. It’s delicious!

THe Homeschool Village Book Tour~Cranberry Christmas Activities www.thehomeschoolvillage.com #homeschool #christmas

When I discovered a copy of their book, Cranberry Christmas, at a local thrift store, I was ecstatic! I snapped it up and was so excited to begin yet another tradition of reading the book each year, and preparing the Cranberry Cookies recipe that is listed on the back of the book. I subbed in almond milk and coconut oil, in order to make these dairy free for my family, but you will find the original recipe on Pinterest, via Purple House Press. I’ve also linked it below for you, so keep reading! 

The Homeschool Village Christmas Book Tour~Cranberry Christmas Activities www.thehomeschoolvillage.com #christmas

Fun activities to go along with Cranberry Christmas

  • Bake Maggie’s Famous Cranberry Cookies with your child.
  • When preparing the cranberries for the cookie dough, allow your child to help you sort the cranberries according to good (healthy cranberries) and ‘bad’ ones.
  • Perform a quick and easy math activity: Divide a piece of paper or construction paper into 10 sections, using colored tape or a crayon. write a number in each section from 1 to 10. Ask your child to place the correct number of cranberries into each section. For an older child or ‘bonus’ question, have your child add up all the numbers to get the total number of cranberries they have placed on the sheet!
  • Tour a local cranberry bog or visit one online.
  • Check out more books about cranberries from your local library.
  • Complete this Cranberry Christmas unit study.
  • Create this Cranberries Christmas Ornament.
  • Using a sharp needle and thin fishing line, string some cranberries to hang on your tree (for an older child or adult). Here is an alternative: Popcorn and Cranberry Christmas Tree Garland Tutorial.
  • Prepare a beautiful centerpiece for your table or decoration for your mantle by placing fresh cranberries and a small candle in a candle holder.
  • Here’s a how-to that is slightly different from the above idea: Floating Candles and Fresh Cranberries.
  • Get your kids in the kitchen with you to prepare Cranberry-Apple Butter: Slow Cooker Style or this delicious Cranberry-Apple Walnut Bread.
  • Try cutting some cranberries in half and ‘paint’ with them, or use them as stamps. What kinds of pattern or artwork can you create?

Do you have any fun activities, book suggestions, or online resources for cooking with cranberries or learning more about cranberry bogs? Please share in the comments!


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  • Wendy, I’m drooling all over my screen right now. Never heard of the book but I’m definitely thinking of making those cookies 🙂

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