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How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year

Happy New Year


The New Year is a time when many of us decide to make a fresh start. For some of us it’s making new habits and for others it’s about breaking old ones. Our goals can range from changing things that affect our whole family to personal goals. Whatever it is you are thinking about working on, cost here are some tips to help you succeed.


  • Set reasonable goals. Most of us can think of numerous things that we want to change, diagnosis but changing all of them or even trying to change too many at once will set you up to fail. Make a list of your dream goals, then look it over and choose one or two things to work on and start there.


  • Evaluate what else needs to go. Before you add more responsibilities to your day, first look at what you are already doing and prayerfully decide if there are things that you need to let go of to make room for your new habits. Otherwise your new goals will just become one more item on your to-do list that you can’t complete.

To Do List

  • Expect imperfection. Often times in the past when I have tried to add something to my routine, I gave up because I got off track for a few days or a week or a month. It’s important to remember that it’s alright if you get off track sometimes. We will not be perfect in this world, ever. Even when our new habit/goal is fully integrated into our life stuff happens and we will get off track. Don’t focus on the fact that you got off track, instead just start again the next day and pick-up from there. You may have to re-start many times before it naturally becomes part of your day. What’s important is that you are working towards your goal.


  • Planning matters. Taking the time to think about what you need to make sure that you succeed. If your activity requires time in your day then take the time to plan when you will do it. Maybe you need supplies for your project; be sure that you purchase them ahead of time so that you are ready to go. If your goal requires stopping a bad habit, what is your plan instead? Finally, don’t forget to set a start date and stick to it. Taking time to prepare for your goals will help ensure success.


  • Be Committed. Commitment is not just saying that you are going to do something. It’s doing it no matter how you feel. Skipping a day because you don’t feel like it does not promote a new healthy habit. You have to be committed to your goal even when you don’t feel like it. Of course if you are sick or there is a true family issue that needs to take priority, by all means that should come first.


  • Time matters. I have heard that it takes two weeks to three months to form a new habit.  I only know from my own experience that everyone is different.  My husband for example seems to be able to change and adapt much faster than I can. As long as you are committed, give yourself the grace to take as long as you need.

Finish Line

One step at a time is all it takes. Congratulate yourself and keep moving forward even if your steps seem small to you or you have to re-start a dozen times and soon enough your old habits will be a thing of the past and you will find yourself at the finish line of success!

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