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Organizing Your Home to Promote Literacy

Becky from This Reading Mama has written an amazing series on how to organize your home to help encourage your children to read! I know you will love the ideas that she shares in this 5 day series. It’s practical and the suggestions are easy to implement.Organizing Your Home to Promote Literacy...a 5 day series full of great ideas!!


Day 1: Organizing Your Books

Organizing your books to promote literacy in your home!

Day 2: Organizing For a Print Rich Environment

Organizing your home to teach your child to read!

Day 3: Organizing Literacy into Your Routine

Organizing your routine in order to teach your child to love to read. Great ideas!

Day 4: Organizing Your Toys (With Literacy in Mind)

Organizing toys to promote literacy in your home. Yes!

Day 5: Organizing Writing Tools

Organizing your home to teach writing. Excellent ideas!

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