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Thanksgiving Sensory Bin

In some ways, this year’s Thanksgiving Sensory Bin is similar to the one we made last year but I guess there are only so many ideas I have for this theme! For this year’s Thanksgiving Sensory Bin, I used dry lentils as the base and added felt leaf shaped coasters, fake fall leaves, plastic gourds and plastic pumpkins, and a small turkey.

Thanksgiving Sensory Bin with lentilsMy kids enjoyed playing in this bin and the turkey was especially popular. That little guy even inspired some white board art and for some kids to walk around imitating a turkey!

We eventually added some small ornamental pumpkins (seen in the photo below) and a scoop because my kids always like scooping. As you can also see from the photo, since I had originally not provided a scoop, they were using the tail feathers of the turkey to scoop with!

playing with the Thanksgiving sensory bin

If you are interested in other sensory bin ideas or information, you may be interested in reading my Sensory Bins book.

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