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The HSV Panel Revisited

The HSV Panel Revisited…. We are looking for start the HSV Panel back up. Do you remember this post from the archives?
Thank you ladies for being on our panel this week! We asked this week’s panel, “what have you learned about yourself thru homeschooling”?Kela N. I’ve learned that I can’t control everything. Not that I’ve really tried to, but I’m not the only factor in homeschooling; my husband and children are also. It’s not easy catering to everyone all the time. One moment at a time is all that I can promise.Marci G. I remembered that I really love to learn. I am having as much fun, if not more, than my kids! Homeschooling has taught me that learning can and should be an enjoyable experience for all of us. It’s put the “fun” back into everyday life!

Jolanthe E. It’s ok to go outside of the box, mix curriculum, break out of routines, and have fun. Homeschooling has stretched me in ways that I never thought it would ~ but it’s all been good. 🙂 Despite my trying to fit everything into a tidy ‘box’ we are blessed to have flexibility…something my ‘box-checking’ mind has difficulty translating sometimes.

Katy M. I have learned from homeschooling that the only way to really make it work well is to remember that God is in charge. I need to rely on His strength and patience….because as a flawed human, I don’t quite measure up! He completes me and is absolutely a necessary component to our homeschooling!

Joy E. What I have learned about myself since we started homeschooling is, that is it okay to make mistakes. I am not perfect. The only perfect one is God. It is important for our children to know that we don’t know everything and that the best lessons can be from learning from our mistakes. It is important to ask God to help us learn from our mistakes.

Megan D. This is not going to be popular advice for most homeschoolers, but I’ve learned I’m pretty darn good homeschool mom…to about two kids. And I have four kids. It’s worked out okay so far, but we’ve decided to send our two oldest to a trusted school next year so I can focus more on our younger two.

Sarah L. 1. It’s okay to be silly! I took myself FAR too seriously before and missed out on a lot of fun! 2. I don’t have to do everything on my own. Its okay to ask for help, when it’s needed. 3. Not everything has to be perfect all the time. Life is a beautiful mess and sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow. So, I guess the greatest lesson I have learned through homeschooling is humility. It’s not always easy and sometimes I would like to put ME first, but I take a step back and am rewarded with my kids accomplishments, smiles, and love.

Stef L. I’ve learned that learning is a lifestyle not an exercise done at a certain period of time. It can happen anywhere (and most times best away from the desk)! And I’ve realized the louder I raise my voice the less he will ever learn!

SherryL. I have learned to rely more on God, patience, understanding, and relaxing more. These are all still works in progress… 😀 God is good though and has gotten us through.

Courtney J. I have learned that it’s natural for me to be irritated at the first sign of friction but then I heard Michelle Duggar say that she spends considerable more time praising than disciplining her children to motivate them. So I gave it a whirl! I sought to praise my children for character qualities such as: being responsible, diligent, hard working, focused, or organized. As I disciplined myself to focus on these virtues I saw these character qualities grow and my own heart changing.

Again – thank you ladies for your honest input!!

Would you like to have a permanent seat on The HSV Panel? Looking for homeschoolers with at least 2 years of homeschooling completed to offer and share their valuable opinions and advice. This is a perfect spot to contribute if you are not / can not participate in the Thursday link ups. Only expected to answer 1 question per week!



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