Washi Tape Craft: Chalkboard

Washi Tape Craft: Chalkboard This week we are sharing a super easy gift for a teacher or friend. My crew uses chalkboards for math drills and spelling tests. 

Washi Tape Craft: Binder Clips

Washi Tape Craft: Binder Clips Of all the washi gifts my little ones have made this year, sale I think I use the binder clips more than all of them. They are so cute and yet extremely functional. Every time I pick them up I have to smile.

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty®   Preparing for vacation or just a weekend away from home sure takes a lot of planning and energy when you have a large family. Over the years, we have gotten pretty streamlined in packing and getting things ready. Recently, I was asked to share my tips […]

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies

Gerber Cereal Pops and Smoothies   Our little Miss Allie loves feeding herself. She is just turning one but having an older brother she thinks she can do everything he can and tries. Learning to feed yourself is a messy job. It also takes longer than we have planned to spend at the table.

Gerber Lil’ Bits Parfait

Gerber® Lil’ Bits™ Parfait Our Miss Allie Elizabeth (Lil Bit) certainly has a mind of her own. Thankfully she is a wonderful eater and enjoys all kinds of foods. She is just turning one and has entered the “do it myself” stage which means lots of laughs while watching her learn to feed herself and […]

Who Does God Love?

Who Does God Love? This is a question I have asked all my babies as they were growing up. I would tell them that I loved them so much, and Daddy loved them, and then name siblings, grandparents, and extended family. I would always end with asking them, “Who does God love more than anyone […]

Duct Tape Notebook Cover

Duct Tape Notebook Cover Love Duct Tape Crafts?  If so, tadalafil you will love making this super easy Duct Tape Notebook Cover!

Groovy Giveaways Giveaway Hop

Groovy Giveaways Giveaway Hop Most of our local homeschooling groups will not start back until after Labor Day but the public and private schools are all back in session where we live in Northern Kentucky. The buses are running and the little ones can be heard outside a whole lot earlier than they have been […]

Giving Backpacks Challenge

Giving Backpacks Challenge Back to school shopping for some families is not the exciting event that others talk about and share images of with their children. It is yet one more stressful thing that they need to find a way to get handled when there are no extra funds. This is why we participate in […]

Target Gift Card

Target Gift Card Giveaway Dropprice is an innovative startup that rewards moms for being social. Essentially, ask they empower moms to drop prices of kids & baby products with a click. The price continues dropping as more moms click “Drop the price”. Every week new promotions are launched and moms drop prices by sharing them […]

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test

Dealing with Hearing Loss and How to Get a FREE Hearing Test Hearing problems run in our family. Several of our children have mild to moderate hearing issues and so we have always watched for signs as they got older.

Back To School Giveaway Hop

Back To School Giveaway Hop #backtoschool #bts As a homeschooling mom I try to use my slower summer months to prepare for the upcoming year. We start earlier than most of our friends because we only school 3 or 4 days a week during ski season. Yep, one of the joys of homeschooling is that […]

Help When Needed

Help When Needed If you have ever been a home owner then you will understand when I say that buying your own home is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world. Not simply because you know that you are financially stable enough as an adult to purchase a house, a place with four […]

Summertime Learning

Summertime Learning Do you take the summer off from schooling or do you follow a different schedule?  We take the month of July off from academics and start back the beginning of August with a three day schedule along with lots of day trips and other learning activities. Summertime Learning doesn’t have to be just […]

Coach Handbag Giveaway

Welcome to our Coach Purse Giveaway Which of us busy parents couldn’t use a beautiful and red Coach purse? I thought so! I like to keep my purse separate from my school bag when I’m running errands or to co-op with the kids. This is perfect to sling over my shoulder as I’m heading out […]