FREE Printable: How to Start a Book Club for Kids

Starting a Book Club for Kids doesn’t have to be scary … in fact it can be a LOT of fun, given the right “formula”! Download your FREE checklist today and find out how you too can have a successful Book Club for Kids.

Organizing Your Homeschool Library

Don’t let your homeschool books become the source of frustration! In a few simple steps, you really can tame the homeschool library giant. Deb from Living Montessori Now will help you with Simple Tips for Organizing Your Homeschool Library! Hop over and check out her great ideas.  

5th Grade Book List

Sometimes planning what your kids will read is one of the harder parts of homeschooling. That’s why I love this resource list of 5th Grade Literature Books from Trisha at Intoxicated on Life. she offers great suggestions for your student. Hop over and check them out!

FREEbie: Reading Log and Book Plates!

Are you looking for a fun and easy way to document the wonderful books your child reads? Check out World for Learning’s newest FREEbie: Reading Log & Book Plates! Reading Log – This document has many uses; it can be added to your child’s school portfolio, used as a tool to track reading goals, etc. […]

Memory Tools: the Ultimate List of Ultimate Lists

This is the classical educators ultimate resource list for memory tools and I have to tell you that it thrills my very soul. Where else can you find such amazing lists of resources for memory work in your homeschool? I know you will be blessed by these lists. Be sure and pin them, cialis so […]

5 Tips to Organize and Simplify Your Books

I don’t know about you, but I have a LOT of books. And lots of books can easily get out of control. If that is the case in your house, you will love this post on 5 Tips to minimize your book collection. Start today!  

Favorite Read-Alouds for Elementary School

Don’t you just love it when you find the perfect read-aloud? Whether it’s a book that brings back fond memories of your own childhood or a classic that you happened to miss the first time around – it’s always a new adventure in another world. Nothing’s better than curling up with your family on a […]

How I Teach Series… (to multiple ages with special needs)

  Do you ever find yourself wondering how other parents teach? Hopefully by now, you’ve figured out that one size doesn’t fit all, but it’s still wonderful to gain insight and ideas from other moms, right? Like say, Sharla, homeschool mom of 7. I love Sharla’s real-life photos, ideas, and best of all, her heart. […]

Free Reading Logs

  As a homeschooler we read 100’s a great books a year. This is valuable learning, but we often don’t record it. Don’t make that mistake! Help your student keep a log of what they’ve read with these super cute Monthly Reading Logs.

Fun Alphabet Resources with Printables

Organizing for your toddlers and preschoolers can be a bit of a challenge, erectile especially when you are homeschooling older students at the same time! I love these ideas from Dollie, ambulance plus she offers FREE printables! How Your Preschooler Can Benefit From Learning Boxes Alphabet Beads Alphabet Clothespins Alphabet Tile Learning Box   Looking […]

Recording All of Those Great Books You Read

If your homeschool is like mine, books are everywhere. From trips to the library to those old classics on your favorite shelf, books are an integral part of the homeschooler’s day. The tricky part is keeping track of them. I love this great idea for Book Record Pages. You’ll find a lovely printable for every month […]

Teaching Multiple Kids to Read…the Organized Way!

  Do you have multiple children that you are teaching to read? This post has some excellent ideas for organizing your teaching time! You’ll want to head over and learn how Ticia Teaches Reading to Multiple Kids, the ORGANIZED way!  

Organizing a Writer’s Notebook

Teaching your children to become excellent writers is undoubtedly a vital skill for educational success. Make it easier by organizing one of these notebooks for your students. You’ll love the practical ideas that Becky shares in this post!

Organizing Your Home to Promote Literacy

Becky from This Reading Mama has written an amazing series on how to organize your home to help encourage your children to read! I know you will love the ideas that she shares in this 5 day series. It’s practical and the suggestions are easy to implement.   Day 1: Organizing Your Books Day 2: […]

What to do with kids’ books?

A big thank you to Apologia for sponsoring this series…   I don’t know how many times I’ve asked the question “what to do with kids’ books?”  I’d probably have my curriculum bought for the year if I got paid a dollar every time I asked it.   The way I see it there are […]