Weekly Wrap Up Oct 17th-22nd

This week I am preparing to attend The Relevant Conference thanks to my wonderful sponsor Currclick!   I am looking forward to meeting the homeschoolers attending! (if you are attending be sure to meet up with other homeschoolers Friday Oct 28th at 9:30p – Currclick has donated a $50 gift certificate) Did you miss a post […]

Review: Visual Latin

Quick! What comes to mind when you think “foreign language”? Spanish, French or German, etc.? What about Latin? Does anyone even speak Latin? Well….no. Latin is a “dead language”, meaning no one speaks it like we do English, Spanish and those other languages. Guess what! Our English and most all other languages get their roots […]

Teaching kids HOW to learn through Lapbooks

Many homeschool moms suffer from gap-itis.  We forever are fearful that our curriculum or our teaching is going to come up short and have gaps in content.  Well frankly, EVERY curriculum, no matter how comprehensive is going to have a gap here and there.  There is no way for human-created curriculum to not have some […]

Friendship of Sisters: I Got Your Back

  My teenage daughters can sometimes be considered “typical” in how they relate to each other. They are not always the most lovely. I’m sure that a lot of it has to do with the fact that they are only 14 months apart in age. They had their responses down pat for people that ask if […]

Weekly Wrap Up Oct 10-14th

 Did you miss an article this week ? Character Training Preschool Boys – Bend it Don’t Break it, by Cheryl How To’s – Unschoolers Learn Thru Television, by Jessica Special Needs Support – Finding Friendships, by Dawn Hands On Homeschooling, Field Trips – 10 Ideas for Fun Fall Outings, by Tonya Friday Family – Extra Curricular […]

Review: Big Book of History

** this giveaway is now closed. Jessica, ampoule Jessy, and Shirley won! Understanding how the past has shaped our future will inspire young learners to make history for themselves! ~ Master Books Educating Layton Sometimes the idea of “History” can be overwhelming.  Especially curriculum that is text heavy and visually unappealing. What if you can fill […]

Frugal Field Trips: 10 Ideas for Fun Fall Outings

Ever since I was a little girl, fall has been my favorite time of year. I love the transformation of the Midwest landscape as the beautiful fall foliage appears, raking and playing in the leaves with my kids, the smell of fresh cut hay and warm bonfires, the aroma of pumpkin bread and the taste […]

Unique spiritual gifts and obedience

I’ve mentioned before I believe boys and girls were created differently for a reason.  In general, boys are meant to lead.  Because of this they were created with a few…trying…character traits. Endless energy Stubbornness Bossiness Curiosity Adventurousness Hot-headed-ness Can I get an amen?  Because of these character traits our boys can be hard to control.  […]

Weekly Wrap Up Oct 3-8th

Did you miss these great homeschool posts? Character Training Preschool Girls – wearing a smile by Jane Tuesday How To’s – How to Celebrate Sukkot by Lisa Special Needs Support – Learning to See by Jennifer Hands on Homeschooling, Science – Leaf Pigment Chromatography by Marci Diary of a Newbie – Finding our Way by […]

Diary of a Homeschool Newbie: Finding Our Way

Oh, so much has happened since we last talked… Day 22: I have a kidney stone. At least, that’s what we think. I did not sleep at all last night. There was a lot of couch-teaching going on today and Big J did just fine with that. There may have been a few videos as […]

Leaf Pigment Chromatography – Hands On Science

Fall is a beautiful time of year. The colors of the trees can be just breath-taking and enough to make the kids ask questions like “Why do leaves change color?” “What makes leaves green or red or yellow?” If your kids aren’t asking, seek maybe you could ask them. See what they say. Do they […]

Preschool: Wearing a Smile

There is a downside to having a kid who sees the upside in everything. Seriously.  Esmé never takes me seriously. I knew there was going to be a problem when she was a toddler and we had stacks of eye-level finger-sized 220V electrical outlets in our Mozambican house.  We could scold and smack her tiny […]

The Adventures of Munford: History Books for Kids

*giveaway is now closed, congrats Sandy! I enjoy historical fiction books and we use them often to supplement our history curriculum. I was more than happy to check out The Adventures of Munford series by Jamie Aramini from Geography Matters along with several other HSV team members. The Adventures of Munford series is a set […]

Guest Post Grace Full Mama

Homeschooling Overseas My family lives in Indonesia on the island of Borneo. It’s a sweaty, symptoms tropical city that we call home. It’s always an adventure, ed and I wouldn’t trade it for anything! As with everything in life, purchase homeschooling overseas is all in how you look at it. The lessons I’ve learned living […]

Shh!! Healthy Candy on the Loose

I gave Asher the cookbook and a stack of post-it-notes.  His task was to read the dessert titles to his brothers during snack time.  It sounded  like a good impromptu school activity to me.  I thought that they (being my three handsome boys ) surely would be able to agree on a “few” recipes while I nursed Naomi before […]