For Such a Time ~ Journeys of Faithfulness Week 8

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If you’d like to join in the book club for Journeys of Faithfulness by Sarah Clarkson, feel free to join in at anytime. You can find the reading schedule for the 12 week book club at the end of this post, along with additional printables for each week.

Blogging overall seems to require articulation, but amazingly {despite the fact that I seem to have much to blog about}, articulation is something that is a struggle for me. I strongly dislike getting into deep discussions, not because I don’t know in the core of my being what I believe, but expressing those thoughts and feelings can be difficult for me. Or I worry that they might be misconstrued.

Thinking about how Esther needed to respond to the crisis that was before her, really made me think more this week on the core of my beliefs and how I would express them in such a situation. Would I be able to adequately defend or explain my faith? Could I even fathom approaching the king of the land to stand up for my beliefs – in the face of death?

This part of the chapter really caught me:

“When you choose to affirm each day what you believe, it becomes part of you. It thrums in your blood and sinks into your bones and comes to you as naturally as breath. This is the truth you will whisper at the moment of your greatest testing.

So let me challenge you to speak out your faith.”

~ p. 151, Sarah Clarkson, Journeys of Faithfulness

What would come from our hearts if we were faced with a situation where we needed to defend our faith and beliefs. Would we be able to do it? Can I challenge you this week to affirm each day what you believe?

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Be sure to download a copy of the journal pages to go along with the book. For those of you reading on a Kindle or reading with your daughters, these will come in handy! Each week, I’ll be sharing the printables for the next week, so check back weekly for updates. ~ Journeys of Faithfulness book club Facebook page – come share your thoughts during the week! ~ Download a few printables here:

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