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Homeschool Reading: Let’s Read!

I love to read. There is nothing better than being so absorbed in a book that you realize you should have gone to bed 2 hours ago!  Naturally, ask I love to read to my kids, cialis also.  We have spent countless hours sitting on the couch reading picture books.  Of course when they were very young it was the same books over and over again, pills but that’s okay.  Eventually they do get tired of Hop on Pop and are ready to move on.


Reading with my children is my favorite activity.


Playing games and doing puzzles are fun, but give me a stack of books any day.  It also tends to be my “go to” diversion when someone is over tired and whiny or when fighting breaks out and everyone needs to settle down.  I love it when I’m reading an old favorite to the younger kids and the older kids stop what they are doing to come and listen because “oh Mom, I love this book!”


In the younger years our homeschool was and is mostly filled with picture books.  We have loved and still use Five in a Row books, they are some of our favorites.  Many of these books have been woven into the fabric of our family.  These are the memories and the thoughts that I hope my children will treasure the most when looking back on their home education days.


Reading Katy and the Big Snow all warm and cozy on the couch while our own snowstorm swirls outside, or sharing a piece of apple pie after reading How to Bake an Apple Pie and See the World – those are lasting and cherished moments.  Making bird feeders after reading Days of the Blackbird or adding places to see to our bucket list after we have read a great story – this is when home education encompasses so much more than a workbook page.


Although none of my kids love to read independently as much as I would like – yet!  I’m mostly okay with it.  My husband reads more now in his 40’s than ever before and my Dad has finally become a reader in his 60’s!  I’m going to enjoy this time when they are happy to sit next to me on the couch and let me do the reading.


So, I would encourage you to take a moment today, gather your children and say “Let’s Read!”

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  • Reading is my favorite part of the day and my boys’ as well. Our reading time came to an end mid-chapter today (I set a timer or we would never move on!), and my boys groaned at the thought of leaving it there- I, of course, finished the chapter.

  • Yep, you definitely need to finish the chapter! Thanks for reading.

  • I love to read, too and am so proud that both of my girls love it as well. Even though my girls are 10 & 12, I still read aloud to them!

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