Guest Post – Jennifer

Please welcome today’s guest, Jennifer, from Milk and Honey Mommy. Somewhat confused – wondering how to get it all done, unsure if I am doing it right, the learning style we are using(?), being sure they are on target for their grade levels are all different concerns I have had over the past few months. […]

Link Up- Science

Link up your favorite science experiment! Was there an experiment you liked as much as the kids? Do Share! Do you have an experiment that appeals to all ages? Be sure to share those beloved science resources too. Thanks for linking up, adiposity we appreciate your participation and your willingness to share!  If you are […]

Panel – Help Wanted!

This week we have exciting news to share about the panel. WE WANT YOU! It’s time to give the fabulous ladies on our panel a break and open the spots again to  12 new panel members!! If you would like to comitt to answering a weekly question (2 month comitment) please contact us!! Please understand […]

How To … Science!

Either you love science or you hate it! Unfortunately I’ve met a lot of moms who fall into a 3rd category – scared of it! Our friend Lori from our panel is sharing a few suggestions and tips for those moms who don’t know where to start or are burned out and looking for some […]

Science Fair

This week we’re talking about science! Don’t be intimidated, science can be fun. Do you have a favorite science experiment? How about one that was such a success the memory of it stayed with your children for months or years to come? And don’t forget about those wonderful science resources! Come back Wednesday when our […]

Guest Post – Tamela

Please welcome our Friday Guest, shop Tamela, from This and That An honest answer to why we homeschool… I hope that several of you can relate when I share my home school story with you. I was always skeptical of homeschoolers and thought a more “normal” approach to school would be the route I would […]

Panel – Rules

This week our panel shares their homeschool rules. Come back tomorrow to link up your rules and share how you handle homeschool interruptions and discipline! Crystal ~ Our homeschooling rules: 1. Be kind and respectful to parents and to siblings. 2. Do not interrupt when I’m working with another child unless it is an emergency […]

Nature Study

Nature Study, Confessions of a Homeschooler by: Cassie The other day, I was watching my friend’s two kids. All six kids (gasp!) were playing downstairs when the commotion started. I didn’t think much of it until my oldest came barreling up the stairs yelling, “There’s a mouse in the window well of the girls’ room!” […]

Monday News & Discipline

I have very exciting news to share about some changes to The HSV! Our dear friend Cheryl who has been working morning, noon, and night on our social media will be shifting roles and managing this site! * blast the confetti * Rather than replace her fantastic tweeting ability – we’re ready to allow the […]

Guest Post – Ryan

Please welcome our Friday guest, buy cialis Ryan, healing from Alpha Omega Publications. As I type this, Twitter has seen 1141 tweets tagged #homeschool just in the last few days, potentially reaching over 30,000 people. Facebook boasts over 500 pages and over 500 groups just about homeschooling alone. Hundreds of bloggers have themed their entire […]

Link Up – Dads

So often the homeschool spirit seems to revolve around the children’s needs or mom’s time. But today it’s all about Dad! Where would we be without them? Homeschool dads are a breed all their own. Too often their commitment and personal sacrifices are overlooked. So today is the day to toot their horns! Lets honor […]

Panel – Dads

This week our panel shares ways Dad is involved with homeschooling! Laura ~ My husband works a lot but one of the things he does to be involved with the kids is take them places. He does a radio show on the weekends and they love to join him and help him run the sound […]

Relaxing My Grip

Relaxing My Grip, ailment Confessions of a Homeschoolerby: Jennifer Janes When I started homeschooling a few years ago, viagra I was terrified. Sure, recipe I had been a public school teacher, but I had never taught anyone how to read and write before. The lowest grade I had taught was fourth grade, and those kids […]


Where would we homeschooling moms be without the homeschooling fathers? Dads are an integral, but often overlooked part of homeschool life. They deserve some recognition! This week we’re chatting about Dads! How does Dad participate in your homeschool? Is he the principal? The encourager? The wallet? What makes your husband a fantastic homeschool dad? In […]

Guest Post – Kris

Please welcome our Friday guest, shop Kris, ask from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers What Homeschooling Has Taught Me about Me People always talk about how homeschooling affects kids – positively or negatively – but what we don’t usually hear is how homeschooling affects the homeschooling parent. Well, no rx except that time a certain relative said […]