Community Service

Homeschool families have the wonderful opportunity of a flexible schedule! This week we are chatting community service! We definitely are not trying to pat ourselves on the back – but rather we want to share how we can better our communities and ideas on how we all can get involved! Fantastic opportunities for children of […]

Guest Post – Erin

Please welcome our guest post from Erin at Closing Time. Erin was the designing great behind our header and logo!! I never dreamed that I’d be a homeschooling mom. It wasn’t in the plan. Homeschooling was for those amazing, together, creative moms who had the patience, organization and determination to educate their children at home […]

Link Up – Books

Link up: what is your child’s favorite book and why would they recommend it to a friend? … you guessed it!  My 7yr old son would recommend Star Wars, Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story. I asked why, and he informed me “it’s full of action and fighting, and light sabers, and they shoot guns.  It’s real action […]

HSV Panel – Reading

Thank you panel! Today the ladies answer: how do you encourage a child to read more and do you use a reading list? Kris ~ We enjoy “silent reading time” every day after lunch. During this time, the kids (and Mom!) can choose whatever they want to read — assigned reading, fun reading, magazines, whatever […]

The Day the Schedule Died

The Day the Schedule Died, cialis Confessions of a Homeschooler by, Rachel I am not what would be described as an “organized individual”. I am far more likely to, oh, look, something shiny! Does this mean that I am never organized? No, it’s more like a constant struggle to strengthen this weakness. To that end, […]

Book Club

Well – not that type of book club. But this week we’re going to be chatting books and Reading! The books your children love, the reading lists you use, and how to encourage your children to read more! Thursday’s link up – share your child’s favorite book and why they’d recommend it to a friend. […]

Guest Post – Maggie

Please welcome our guest post from Maggie at A Bokros Kind of Life.When I think about how to describe our home school, the word that first comes to mind is flexible. A very close second to flexible is holistic. I think a snapshot of our last year might give you a better idea of how […]

Link Up – Learning Styles & Love Languages

Thank you new followers and old friends for coming back to our link up! We appreciate your participation! We are so excited to read these wonderful homeschool posts – please take a moment when visiting to comment and encourage homeschoolers!!Today’s Link Up – what is your child’s learning style and/or love language? What resources helped […]

HSV Panel – Learning Style & Love Languages

This week we asked the HSV Panel “please explain why you feel it is/is not important to know a child’s learning style and love language”. Enjoy reading these great thoughts! Tomorrow link up your child’s learning style and/or love language and share any resources that helped you discover them! Kris ~ I believe that the […]

P.E. 101 – COAH

P.E. 101 – No More Training Wheels, Confessions of a Homeschoolerby, Cassie Eldridge I love that we can choose from so many activities for homeschool PE. The kids express interest in something new every day, and we add it to our list of things to look into. However, we decided that our first PE activity […]

Learning Styles & Love Languages

This week were are going to lightly touch on children’s learning styles and Love Languages! When I first started homeschooling I had no clue what a learning style was let alone my son even had one! Thursday’s link up is an and/or – 1. what is your child’s learning style and/or 2. What is your […]

Guest Post 6 – Jolanthe

Please welcome our 6th guest post from Jolanthe of Homeschool Creations I had every intention of starting school last Monday. Guess what? It isn’t going to happen in the way that I had hoped. Despite my well-dreamed plans, things just haven’t fallen into place the way I had anticipated and truthfully I’m feeling a bit […]

Link Up – Back to HomeSchooling

This is our 3rd year celebrating the new school year, so we go out for lunch and treat our boy to a small treat bag of school supplies – colored pencils, star wars notebook, etc. Nothing too fancy – but definitely a little something new (which he needed anyway). Today – share with us how […]

HSV Panel – Back to School

Back to School Tips provided by the great ladies on our panel!! Ellen – Back to School Kick-off… Our local home school support group hosts a ‘Back to School’ picnic mid-August. We enjoy a picnic-style dinner and games for the kids. This is a great way to reconnect with other home schoolers before you get […]

Science Slip Up

My friend Myra does a Friday Fail post on her blog – My Blessed Life. I so enjoy reading the silly stories. When my friend Stacey – 29 Lincoln Avenue posted a tweet #confessionsofahomeschooler I knew we had to do it! Thank you friends for planting seeds! Four wonderful women signed on to be monthly […]