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Jennifer from The Relaxed Homeschool shared that they are offering up a subscriber freebie. All subscribers will get a FREE homeschool planner sent directly to your inbox! Don’t miss the opportunity to receive amazing articles directly to your inbox; as well as one of the most popular planners around for free.


  1. Kelly Ebeling says:

    Due to some major health issues with my daughter, I will now be doing most of her schooling at home. Her school will provide me with the current worksheets and we do have her books that they are using, however I will be the one teaching. I am looking for a way to teach things (I’m NOT a teacher!) that will work for us, even if that means using what the school is providing as a supplement to what I’m teaching her. I look forward to seeing what your articles have to offer in way of directing me. I need all the help I can get!

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