Review: Dinosaur Lapbook

I had the privilege of reviewing a dinosaur lapbook from In The Hands of a Child. My oldest child is in preschool and loves dinosaurs, so this was a great lapbook for him to complete.

Dinosaur Lapbook Review

First of all, what is a lapbook?

A lapbook is a hands-on method of teaching your child about anything! Hands of a Child lapbooks contain activities and lesson plans you’ll need for a unit study. This is type of learning experience makes education fun and exciting! The great part about these lapbooks is that you can adapt them to fit the need of your child. Since my child is only a preschooler, I changed some of the activities for my child.  For example, instead of writing, he drew pictures.

How do I get started?

It is very easy to get started since it comes with a detailed planning guide. The guide shows what vocabulary words to introduce each day, as well as guided reading and activities for the child.

To get started, you will need to print the activities on colored paper and cut them out. It does take some time to get everything organized, but the best part is that all these activities are created for you and there’s no need to plan or come up with your own activities.

What does the dinsoaur lapbook cover?

This lapbook is designed for PreK-6th Grade. In my opinion, some concepts were a little difficult for my child to understand , so we adapted to meet his needs.

Here are the topics this lapbook covers:

  • Reptiles
  • Types of dinosaurs
  • Sounds of dinosaurs
  • What dinosaurs may have looked like
  • How dinosaurs moved
  • Where dinosaurs lived
  • What dinosaurs ate
  • How dinosaurs reproduced
  • How dinosaurs protected themselves

Dinosaur Lapbook Review at The Homeschool VillageMy son’s favorite part was talking about large dinosaurs were. It had a good graphic and it was easy for a preschooler to understand. He couldn’t believe that an Apatosaurus was longer than 2 school busses and a Seismosaurus was about the size of half a football field. My preschooler also enjoyed lifting all the flaps in our lapbook!

Overall, this was a great lapbook. I recommend it for any child interested in learning more about dinosaurs. It was very well organized and makes planning easy for the homeschooling mom!


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