The New Homeschool Village…a Resource You are Sure to LOVE!

Every new year is met with changes and excitement and here at The Homeschool Village, there is no exception! We have been working hard behind to scenes making some changes that we hope you will LOVE!

Come see the NEW Homeschool Village. All of your favorite #organization resources in one place!

What’s in store?

I’m glad you asked. After much prayer and hard work, The Homeschool Village is making HUGE changes. We will now focus on providing ideas to help you organize your homeschool. This is a much needed area in homeschool and we pray that you will find the Homeschool Village to be a MEGA resource center proving all of your organizational needs.

The site will be unlike any other. Instead of having regular writers like we have in the past, we will be opening the floodgates for ALL bloggers to participate.

What does this mean for you?

Well—> you get one website where you can find everything you need to organize EVERY aspect of your homeschool. All written by a variety of homeschoolers just like you.¬†Woot! Are you as excited as I am about that?

I know you won’t want to miss out on all the great stuff, so be sure to sign up and get email updates. We will send you all the awesomeness straight to your inbox!

If you are a blogger, we want your ideas. Please submit them right away. Old posts are welcome as well as new ones. We will share a blurb about it with a link back to your site, so homeschoolers can hop over and read more about your awesome ideas! More information can be found on the submissions page or don’t hesitate to contact me with questions.

Topics to submit:

“Stuff”: homeschool rooms, materials, student work, technology

Planning: assessments, conventions, lesson plans, goal/annual planning, field trips, schedules

Methods: any homeschool method (even if not listed under categories yet!)

Subject: any subject specific organization (even if not listed under categories yet!)

Family Life: (as it pertains to the homeschooler) meals, cleaning, homemaking, chores

This list is by far not exhaustive. If you can organize it, we will post it!

I sure hope you are as excited about this new resource as I am! Let’s get organized!


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