5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty®

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty


Preparing for vacation or just a weekend away from home sure takes a lot of planning and energy when you have a large family. Over the years, we have gotten pretty streamlined in packing and getting things ready. Recently, I was asked to share my tips for preparing for vacation with Hefty Ultra Strong Kitchen Trash Bags. Here are 5 Tips that help us a lot! 

Dirty Clothes Hamper

Each evening as both time rolls around I hang a Hefty® bag on the hook or door handle in the bathroom. All DRY dirty clothing that will not be worn again gets placed in this bag. If we need to stop and wash a load of clothes, we know that each bag contains enough clothing for one day for the crew.

Personal Gear Bag for Water Activities

Each of us has a Hefty® bag that holds our beach or pool towel, along with toys, lotion, hat, sun glasses, change of clothing, etc. When we get to the water, our cover ups go in the bag with our change of clothing to protect from the sand or water. When we are ready to pack up, we grab our change of clothing and place all the wet towels, toys, etc back in the bag. Once we are back to the hotel we can rinse and hang up items that need to dry before using again.

Keeping Up With Trash in Vehicle

This is almost a no brainer – keep a bag in the vehicle at all times when traveling. Each time we stop, everyone is responsible for placing their collection of trash (really…where does it all come from while we are driving down the highway?) in the Hefty® bag and one person is assigned to make sure it gets tossed or dumped as needed and replaced so it is ready for the next leg of the trip. This is part of the fueling and cleaning the windows that is something the hubster normally handles and the little ones seem to LOVE helping him take care of while mom gets a moment or two to stretch and review our next several hours of traveling. As a mom, I really appreciate that Hefty® uses the Active Tear Resistant Technology in these bags.

Storage Protector for Emergency Gear

We have a couple of first aid kits that we take with us everywhere. One is a normal first aid kit that would fit in most glove compartments. The second one is a first responder kit that contains supplies for more serious needs. Along with these two (2) first aid kits, we keep a waterproof blanket in case we need to sit on the side of the road. All of these items are placed in a Hefty® bag and stored in the storage compartment in the back of the vehicle. In case of an emergency, one of the adults can grab the bag and have what we need to take care of our family. We also keep a little money and place one of our credit cards in an envelope that is tucked in the first aid case so we are prepared should something happen to our wallets.

Explosive Accident Containment

From years of road tripping this momma has learned that little ones often have explosive accidents and they never happen at a convenient time. Not only have our babies had those, “oh my where did ALL OF THAT come from” diapers, our crew have more than our share of those that suffer from car sickness. Oh yeah, when I hear the words.. “I don’t feel so good……” I can drop anchor and get off the road faster than a speeding bullet (or projectile vomiting)! We consider the Hefty® bags as important has having enough fuel in the vehicle. EACH and I mean EACH seat back has at least one (1) Hefty® bag ready for deployment. If I thought I could get away with it, I would use them on a couple of the crew as bibs and place them at the ready before backing out of the driveway.


5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with HeftyThis weekend was no exception. We were cruising towards our destination along Lake Erie when one of the little ones says those dreaded words… “Momma, my head hurts, I think ….” that was all I needed to hear… My mind starts screaming DIVE DIVE DIVE and I find a place to drop anchor and jump out of the vehicle while yelling (sadly yes I was yelling) GET THE BAG – GET THE BAG!



5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty
“Yeah um too late” was heard from one of the adults riding in the back seat. Ugh… we still had hours to drive and that is one smell that you do not want to have around too long because the others in the vehicle start the sympathy gagging (I know they do it just to upset me because I can manage to not join them)! Why didn’t John Cena show up when I opened the box of Hefty Bags? Life would have been so much nicer and this momma would have not had to deal with the incident.

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

Grab the little one, grab the bag from the back of the seat and take both off the side of the road and hand off to another adult. While they were caring for him, the mess was cleaned up and all the paper towels and wipes along with “the mess” (this time it was pancakes and fruit juice from breakfast) were placed in the YES! I remembered to buy scented Hefty® bags with the Arm & Hammer patented odor neutralizer.
5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

Another Hefty® bag held the items that were blasted in the fall out and a clean bag was placed under the now wet but free from fall out in order to protect my leather car seats. Note to self to place bag UNDER seat before heading off next trip.5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

Child cleaned, adults that were assigned task of settling and cleaning the child cleaned up, and all items (and cleanup trash) were placed in bags in the back of the vehicle before we started on to our destination.


I mean I am so thankful for the scented Hefty® bags because no-one, not even the last row of children said a thing about what was behind them. The odor was completely contained!

Upon arrival at our hotel, it nice to pitch the Hefty® bag with the clean up products in a trash can. Clothing, blankets and toys were cleaned and we had a great weekend at Lake Erie.

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

Today I am unpacking and cleaning the vehicle, along with the car seat while planning our next trip this coming weekend. You can bet that Hefty® bags are on my shopping list! I think I will pick up several extra boxes at my local Walmart with the $1.00 off coupon that came out this week on ibotta.

Do you use ibotta? If not..you should! Just sign up, then open the app to the store you are headed to shop and click the coupons you want added to your account. When you get home you can scan the bar code and the coupon amount is added to your account to be used the next time you shop. Easy!

5 Tips in Preparing for Vacation with Hefty

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Make sure you download your coupon. They are now available in scent free and in seven (7) scents including:

  • Clean Burst™
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While I am a poster child in Hefty® products, I do like that they are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! It’s nice to know that they stand behind their products! Hefty® will handle all your trash bag needs, or your money back!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.


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