Give Them Grace Preview Chapters 6 & 7- Discipline and The Good Story

I don’t even know where to begin with this preview. It shouldn’t be hard. I read countless books every year. Write reviews for a home school group. Raise 8 children. These are the things I AM. It’s what I DO. And yet, as I stare at this blinking cursor, I’m at a complete loss. I […]

Fostering Family Fun

tradition – noun – the handing down of statements, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or by practice; a continuing pattern of culture beliefs or practices. Establishing strong family traditions helps to create lasting memories and a closeness within your family. Traditions tend to encourage a sense […]

December’s Bookshelf & Master Books Giveaway !

Like any good book junkie librarian, I get giddy about my opportunity to share some fine reading with you.  Our revived book consumption and robbing the library shelves of their newest books has kept our local librarians in shape.  Forget the workout on the days that we visit our lending library. Just remember,  you never know […]

Give Them Grace: Moms Need to Pray

Highly unqualified is what makes me qualified to write this post.   I began drafting this post thinking that I had the children well cared for and happy.  I sat quietly on the couch, while they enjoyed a special Netflix treat of watching Curious George with their breakfast — something I RARELY do.   But […]

Eating Your Decorations: Asparagus Soup & Giveaway

There is a soup that I always associate with Christmas. Asparagus soup. It’s green.  It contains nutmeg.  We have eaten it on several occasions especially when our meals have contained five courses (note:  at my mother-in-law’s house). But what I love about this soup . . . my kids devour it.  I think it has something […]

Diary of a Homeschool Newbie & What’s In The Bible Giveaway

Day 55: We’ve hit an “I’m tired” phase. Has this ever happened to you? Daily, I’m fighting the battle just to get through one subject without Big J halting all work to say he’s too tired to do school. SO. FRUSTRATING. Is it just because he know there is a couch within a few feet […]

Preschool: Traditions, Why again??

Esmé was two years old.  It was her first Christmas in the US.  I was going to do this one right. On Christmas morning, I get up at 5:30 a.m. to wrap the last gifts.  I have visions of the three of us drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls while reading the last Jesse […]

Give Them Grace Preview Chapter 4: License & Legalism

The fourth chapter of “Give them Grace is all about license and legalism. “One can be addicted to either lawlessness or lawfulness. Theologically there is no difference since both break relationship with God, the giver.” Gerhard O. Forde. B.C. (Before Christ) I lived a life of lawlessness. I was adrift in it, and I know […]

Bottle Cap Baby Jesus

After collecting and brainstorming ways to reuse plastic lids, I thought it would be fun to come up with a bottle cap Christmas craft. Once I had the idea, I gathered up various miscellaneous crafts supplies and got to work. I think bottle cap baby Jesus turned out pretty cute! Here’s what I did: Supplies: […]

Identifying Your Christmas Tree

This weekend, cure our family will be heading out to the tree farm to choose the perfect Christmas tree. We usually spend an hour or more hiking through the rows of trees looking at the firs, dosage spruces and pine and then come back to the first tree we looked at and grab that one. […]

Guest Post: The Homeschool Baby, Laura Booz

The UPS truck delivered our orchard: 35 skinny saplings, wrapped in brown paper, and piled on our driveway. It didn’t look like much, but we had a field, and we had a vision, and we were fixin’ to turn those sticks into apple trees. So we sunk our shovels into the earth. If we didn’t […]

Give Them Grace Preview Chapter 3 – Why Am I Working So Hard?!

Parenting is hard work. How many times have you said that? Or at least thought it? I think I felt it double today. And then I felt like a failure. Can you relate at all? Please tell me you can… In a survey conducted by Focus on the Family, the most frequent comment from mothers […]

Black Friday Review – Truth in the Tinsel

I am overly excited to review Amanda White’s new ebook, Truth in the Tinsel, an advent experience for little hands! I have been stalking Amanda’s blog Impress Your Kids for awhile now – picking up great ideas to do with my youngest son.  Nervous to introduce myself to Amanda at Relevant – I was so overjoyed […]

Giving Thanks to God

I’ve shared before that on Thanksgiving in my house, we write on the wall.  Each guest receives their own colored pencil and we write… we write out our blessings.  The little, the big… the never-to-be-forgotten, it all goes up on the wall cross-word style.  Flurry of rainbow pencil scratches upon smooth, white expanse of butcher paper.  […]

Thankful, for God is Good

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 118:1 There is a song in my heart about how thankful I am to God for His goodness and mercy. From last Fall to this Fall, in the lives of our daughters, there has been great joy and heartache. Thanksgiving […]