God Willing List by Social Savvy Mom

Today’s guest post is by Tiany from Social Savvy Mom This year I have no New Year’s resolutions, instead, I will keep an ongoing “God Willing List”. Of course I still desire to be more organized, make better use of my time and stick to my workout regimen, among other things. Delight yourself also in the […]

New Year Without Resolutions by Jennifer Janes

I hate New Year’s resolutions. I don’t even like them if I call them “goals.” For me, they feel like a sure indicator that I’m going to fail in those areas—the areas that are most important to me. As 2011 ended, I found myself thinking about 2012 anyway. I prayed about what God wanted to […]

New Year, New Dream by The Daisy Head

Today’s guest post is by Connie from The Daisy Head New Year, New Dream It’s the time of year when it seems that everyone is making New Year resolutions. Everyone, that is, except my family. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think resolutions are evil. Making New Year resolutions has never appealed to me. I […]

For Such a Time by Brain in Trainin

Today’s gust post is by Stacey from Brain in Trainin For Such a Time Its the Advent Season and our family readings take us to Esther.  My daughter opens her Bible and shares the bread of life with us all.  I pull up a chair at the table, hungry… …today, the soul nourishment is a […]

Fresh Start by Our Good Family

Today’s guest post is by Aurie from Our Good Family Fresh Start  The concept of a new year has always been a little bit frightening and overwhelming for me. I don’t adapt well to change, and I worry about what will come and how things will change. January will be the fourth month in our homeschool journey….and […]

Building the New Year by Fruit in Season

I slide the scissors along the seam and open up a new box. The bits of fuzz surrounding the one thousand little pieces float down as I cut open the plastic bag and we sweep them in the trash before beginning the sorting and flipping process. “Flip them all picture side up. Then look for the […]

The Homeschool Scientist

Introducing….. The Homeschool Scientist is a new project from The Homeschool Village science writer, Marci Goodwin. The Homeschool Scientists consists of a facebook page (launching Monday January 9th), twitter feed, and  TheHomeschoolScientist.com (launching in February). The mission of The Homeschool Scientist is to… “…equip and encourage homeschool parents by taking the fear out of and […]

A Refining of Priorities by Mercy Found Me

Today’s guest post is by Jacqueline from mercy found me This new year has arrived in full bloom, and as it begins I’m sensing a need for some purposeful pruning–a refining of my priorities. There are so many things that are important for me to accomplish, and my to-do list is a mile long. I […]

Number Collage

Each month I come up with a seasonal craft to share. While brainstorming ideas, I decided to research January holidays. Of course we have the traditional New Year’s Eve countdown, the fact that we are starting a new calendar year, Ben Franklin’s birthday, Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday and many other fun days to celebrate. What […]

Build Yourself Up With New Year Reflections by Jimmie’s Collage

Today’s guest post is from Jimmie’s Collage . The New Year is a fantastic time for homeschool reflections. You are about half way through your academic year and can make assessments about what is working and what is not. You can pull out your brand new calendar and sketch out a plan for the remaining months, trying […]

A New Perspective by Rambling with Grace

Today’s guest post is from Shawntele of Rambling with Grace! Happy New Year! Three words that conjure up hope and excitement. The dawn of a new year and new beginnings, a clean slate, a fresh start. A chance to once again attempt all those things we planned on doing last year…you know what I am […]

“Faithing the Future” by Clay Clarkson

We are grateful to kick off 2012 posts with the wisdom and spiritual leading from homeschool dad Clay Clarkson … One thing is certain about uncertain times—they make us think about the future. The future is by definition uncertain, sildenafil and yet when the present is challenging we will naturally long for better days. Hope, […]

Top 2011 Posts from The HSV

2011 has been a terrific year for The Homeschool Village!    We are incredibly thankful for the time and support from our contributing writers! Here are the Top 11 Posts of 2011 … Preschool Lapbooking by Jane Physical Education in Homeschooling by Caroline Guest Post: Raising Arrows  Thanksgiving Science by Marci How to Celebrate Sukkot by […]

Guest Post – 3in30 Challenge

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you find yourself looking back over the past year and making the conscious decision to make changes in the year to come? What if this year, sales instead of making New Year’s Resolutions, salve you decided to make goals instead? Did you know that there is a difference? […]

Guest Post: Mama Hall & Santa

my children love Christmas. they know Christmastime is lots of fun, we make wonderful memories, spend extra time together, and it’s a very special time of year. and Santa Claus isn’t involved in any of it. both my husband and i grew up loving Santa Claus at Christmastime. but when we ourselves became parents, we […]